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The leading technical challenge of our times—the search for clean, sustainable energy—now has a deadline. In Pennsylvania, for instance, Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act 213 of 2004 requires 18 percent of the electricity sold to come from renewable sources within 15 years. So far, “green” approaches such as wind, solar, and biomass technologies have tended to be expensive and limited in unit capacity.

Right now, enormous stores of energy are locked up in humble resources like waste coal and other fuels that conventional coal-fired power plants can’t burn efficiently. And Act 213 designates “new energy efficiency measures and coal waste” as green-energy sources. That means that an effective, proven, breakthrough technology just got the green light to change the power industry in a big way.

At our process test facility, we’re demonstrating that PFBC technology, already operating routinely in Europe and Asia, can be effective in the technical and regulatory climate of the U.S. As we compile detailed emissions and heat transfer data, we’re accumulating the knowledge that will facilitate a new generation of clean, economical commercial power generation facilities.

What We Do

Build the cleanest, most efficient, fuel-flexible power plants on earth.

We’ve assembled a coalition of some of the brightest minds in power engineering, construction, and maintenance—experts in technology, finance, and law. And we’re working hard to answer the demand for environmentally sustainable energy.