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Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combined Cycle (PFBC) power generation has been proven in 10 years of robust, trouble-free operation around the world. Since the first commercial PFBC plant went on line, six widely separated installations have produced efficient, fuel-flexible power for a combined total of more than 200,000 hours of operation.

Abundant fuels

PFBC technology can run on a variety of fuels, including waste coal, coal slurry, or even biomass, producing energy 10 to 25 percent more efficiently than any other solid-fuel power generation process.

Clean combustion

PFBC technology reduces carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and NOx emissions to levels below Kyoto Protocol standards, without scrubbers or other emission controls. The low-carbon ash is environmentally benign—non-leaching and safe for use in concrete, roadbeds, or landfill liners.


The cost of PFBC power production is competitive with other green-energy alternatives, including such federally subsidized technologies as wind and solar power.

Effective repowering

By capturing waste energy, conventional steam plants repowered with new PFBC P200 or P800 systems can boost output and efficiency as much as 20 percent. The compact PFBC design (including pressure vessel and turbine) can fit neatly into an existing facility, easing the transition to lower-cost fuels and reduced emissions.

Modular flexibility

In new construction or in repowering, PFBC P200 and P800 power plant modules can be built as stand-alone units or installed in parallel to create 200- to 1600-MW facilities.